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Smart Systems

Smart Systems

Fibre should be viewed as a real estate investment. Not only will it add value to a property, but it can also lay the foundations for smart services and create ongoing revenue streams.

The challenge is that developers don’t know how to be service providers which is why Yehte – IoT has partnered with the most advanced and progressive FNO (Fibre Network Operator) and ISP Clear Access.

A Smart Eco Estate should ideally focus on the energy saving design. Yehte – IoT brings this to every estate we work on through solar power, green-living architectural designs, cutting edge IoT appliances.

Homes and facilities will utilise fixtures and finishes that help reduce consumption of water and energy.

Smart Estates elevate the concept of smart homes by combining commercial real estate with IoT technology. This integration allows for the development of advanced building management systems (BMS) that go beyond traditional automation capabilities. We optimize building performance through real-time control of air conditioning, security, and lighting systems attracts and satisfies tenants while reducing energy costs. This enhanced operational efficiency adds value to the business.