Click Yehte 

Click Yehte is a cutting-edge personalised text message marketing solution to access Mobi-sites to optimise 1:1 customer engagement and it is data free for your customers! QR codes are also popular.

We offer a feature-rich and user-friendly platform for businesses to conduct efficient, personalised, and cost-effective mobile marketing campaigns through SMS. The emphasis on data-free interaction and various call-to-action options provides a versatile solution for engaging with customers across different channels.


User Perspective:

  1. Latest and Efficient Communication Channel:
  • Click Yehte is positioned as a cutting-edge and highly efficient communication channel.
  1. Micro Content Campaigns via SMS:
  • The platform primarily distributes micro content campaigns directly to customers’ phones through SMS.
  1. Personalized Mobile Marketing Solution:
  • Click Yehte offers an all-in-one personalized mobile marketing solution, aiming to create a 1:1 buying experience at scale.
  1. Data-Free Customer Interaction:
  • Customers can interact with the company without using their data, possibly providing a more accessible and convenient experience.
  1. Reverse Billing and Dynamic Content Creation:
  • The platform features reverse billing, making marketing campaigns efficient. Dynamic content creation allows for varied and engaging campaigns.
  1. Fast and Effective Marketing Campaigns:
  • Click Yehte enables the rapid creation of effective marketing campaigns, emphasising speed and efficiency.
  1. Quick Payments from Call-to-Actions:
  • The platform supports quick payments leveraging most payment gateways available.
  1. Cost-Effective Campaign Costs:
  • Users can benefit from a cost-effective model, with a small click amount per SMS, making it economical for businesses of all sizes.
  1. QR Codes or ‘Hot Links’ Integration:
  • Transaction-based calls to action can be initiated through QR codes or ‘hot links,’ allowing interactions from various media sources like printed, digital, or social media posts. This would eliminate the use of SMS unless a campaign needs to run on both platforms.