Skyworth is a leading technological innovator in the high-end TV industry that also offers alternative energy solutions for the next generation. They have a subsidiary company called Shenzhen Skyworth Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. that is dedicated to developing, designing, constructing, operating, managing and consulting solar power systems. They provide various solar power solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, micro-grid and off-grid applications. They also produce high-quality solar panels with different technologies, such as PERC single crystal and P-type double-sided modules.

Skyworth’s solar power solutions are renewable, efficient, reliable and eco-friendly. They can help customers save electricity expenses, reduce carbon emissions and achieve a smart green energy system for their homes or businesses. Skyworth’s solar power solutions are also compatible with their smart home devices, such as TV, fan, lights and security cameras. Customers can monitor and control their solar power systems and smart home devices through the Skyworth app