Click Yehte

Transforming Mobile Campaigns for Tomorrow

At Click Yehte we believe that using outdated USSD systems drains your budget and is frustrating for your customers. Bid farewell to those hassles because Click Yehte is here to revolutionize your mobile campaigns!

Click Yehte isn’t just another USSD replacement; it’s a ground-breaking mobile campaign system that’s not only more cost-effective but also far more engaging and interactive. With Click Yehte, your customers won’t face any charges, thanks to our innovative reverse billing system.

What makes Click Yehte stand out is its cutting-edge communication approach. We’ve abandoned the antiquated USSD in favour of a sleek, full graphic design interface that’s sure to captivate your audience. Our platform uses SMS/MMS to provide users with access to mobile sites, ensuring top-notch 1-to-1 customer engagement. And here’s the kicker: Access is completely data-free for your users, making it accessible to all!

But wait, there’s more – Click Yehte isn’t just a platform; it’s a game-changer for industries like betting. With over 30 years of customer activations design experience, we will design games around the specific needs and objectives that your company may require from any activation. We’ve crafted a unique campaign tailored for the betting industry, aimed at retaining existing customers and reigniting the interest of those who may have dropped off.

Imagine attracting new clients with a simple scan of any print campaign using QR codes integrated with Click Yehte. Picture your customers receiving SMS messages with interactive games, reminiscent of classic gamification solutions. With Click Yehte, they can play to win exciting prizes and cash rewards, all while enjoying a seamless and captivating experience right from their mobile devices.

And here’s the cherry on top: Our customers using Click Yehte gamification are charged a set fee per transaction, as little as ZAR 0.30 (campaign dependent). So both our customers and their players win.

Don’t let your mobile campaigns lag. Embrace the future with Click Yehte and witness your customer engagement skyrocket. Join us in revolutionizing how you connect with your audience – because with Click Yehte, the opportunities are boundless!

Below are some of our campaigns created, all branding would be designed to the company’s CI.


SNAP game


The user would receive an SMS, and on selecting the link the following would appear (data-free) on their screen. By clicking play, three cards are drawn.




Jag ‘d Joker is a classic bar game.

Choose a card. when it flips, you win 10 times the value of your chosen card.

The user then deposits any amount into their account and we will multiply it by the token they have just won (up to R1000)

  • All card values are multiplied by 10%
  • Picture cards are 150% of your deposit
  • Ace is 200% times
  • The Jokers is 500% times (Jackpot)

All of these conditions or rules are changeable.

All games have a “refer a friend” component. Users can win another try by sending a friend’s name and mobile number. Once the friends’ details have been confirmed, a new game token will be sent to the original user.

For a free demo please contact

Robyn: 076 8848609

Rob: 0797352757